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Hmong Cultural Center's mission is to promote the personal development of children, youth and adults through Hmong cultural educating while enhancing cross-cultural awareness and understanding between Hmong and non-Hmong persons. The Hmong Cultural Center, located in Saint Paul Minnesota, has since 1992 provided instruction in traditional Hmong music, dance, marriage and funeral songs to Hmong and non-Hmong. Since 2000, the Cultural Center has hosted a popular educational website related to the Hmong people and their culture - www.hmongcc.org.  The Cultural Center also provides Hmong and English language instruction and U.S. Citizenship Classes. The Cultural Center is home to the Hmong Resource Center library www.hmonglibrary.org, recognized worldwide for its collection of materials on the Hmong.


Hmong Archives

Founded in 1999, it is the mission of the Hmong Archives to research, collect, preserve, interpret and diseminate materials in all formats about or by the Hmong people. The organization promotes an awareness of Hmong arts, literature, music, history, and culture through displays, workshops and publications. The goals of the Hmong Archives include the following: To collect, preserve, and make known Hmong knowledge and artifacts worldword, through displays at our offices, at community events, and on our website; To conduct Hmong History and culture conferences and classes; To document Hmong oral histories. In addition, to an extensive collection of Hmong-related books and articles, the Hmong Archives hosts a collection or more than 5,000 Hmong artifacts and objects. The Hmong Archives website may be visited at www.hmongarchives.org.


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